Hamburglar Part Deux

Just to follow up on the whole Hamburglar phenomenon, I’ve been trying to keep tabs on where and when those images pop up.

Both the Hamburglar logo and the Burger Toss illustration were trending locally and went viral around town. If you’re not following us on twitter, we’re @rocket57. We got numerous retweets from TSN, TSN1200, The Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Sun, CFRA, MAJIC100 and many others. It’s been a hoot.

The biggest shock was probably during the game against the Boston Bruins, which I had to miss, due to a previous engagement. My good friend and frequent collaborator, Jacob Barrette of Le Collectif kept texting me that the logo was ‘all over TSN’. I figured they might show it once or twice, casually. When I got around to watching the game, I was shocked to see they used it all night as a transitional screen throughout their telecast.

hamburglar animation

I was a bit taken aback by their use of the image, but they rectified by giving me a shout out during their next game.

So that was pretty cool.

Another great aspect was fans taking the initiative to make their own merch. I love seeing that stuff.



Folks have been really good about attributing credit, in particular, the good people at the Red Scarf Union. Thanks guys.

Mostly, when that didn’t happen, it was probably due to an instagram’d image that cropped out the name, such as the unfortunate tweet from NHL On NBC. Would have been really nice to get a nod from them after their mistake, but oh well.

NBC ham

As far as the Burger Toss illustration goes, 10 minutes after posting it, The Ottawa Citizen rang me up to see if they could use it.


Followed by an invitation down to CTV Ottawa for an interview regarding it.
And a call from the Ottawa Sun for the following weekend edition:

It’s been a fun couple of weeks. Here’s hoping the Sens can keep it going right into the playoffs.
Well, thanks for putting up with the hockey talk. As you were.

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