Going old school

Happy summer, everyone! We’re finally getting a good heatwave here in the Ottawa region and it’s awesome.

Being in a band (Still Winter Hills) gives me the opportunity to pump out some fun gig posters (Does it still count as pro bono when it’s your own band?). Sometimes we’re fortunate enough to play with some great Canadian bands like Matt Mays or The Grapes of Wrath, or at a fantastic venue like the Dakota Tavern or The Blacksheep Inn, and that’s when it really gets fun. Usually, for the sake of convenience, I end up doing them completely digitally, but my last couple of posters have been hand rendered in pen and ink, just to shake things up (and shake off the rust).

Still Winter Hills/Dead Bees/Orienteers Triple Bill @ Blacksheep Inn, 2015gow coloursdf web

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