Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience

To say that it’s been tough to sit on this for the past few months would be an understatement.

When Acart Communications approached me about the prospect of helping out with these illustrations for the then-top secret Star Trek exhibition at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, you can bet  I jumped at the chance. Growing up a pretty hardcore Original Series trekkie (yes, I know it’s trekkers now), it was as close to a dream job as I’d ever come.

With the idea of the exhibition being ‘The Starfleet Academy Experience‘, we jammed on this poster, which showcases the main species and uniforms of the different series, with a nod to propaganda posters of old. Perhaps surprisingly, the exhibition will not have stops in Toronto or Montreal, but only Ottawa, which means our campaign will run along that entire stretch. Pretty cool.

Acart Starfleet Poster EKsm

What’s also cool is seeing the poster start to show up all over the city, in various forms. If you happen to come across something that’s not featured here, by all means, pass it along! Lastly, big thanks again to Acart for bringing me onboard. There are a bunch of other components to this project (some of which haven’t seen the light of day) that I think are pretty sweet and will share them over the next few days. Thanks for looking (and live long and prosper)!





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