Bolt-Man and De Boy Wonder

I initially wasn’t going to post about this, but it’s not every day something you do catches on and goes sorta viral, so I figured what the heck.

Like any red-blooded Canadian, I spent a lot of the last while watching a lot of Olympics coverage and was proud of how our country competed in these games. I also got caught up in the “big brother/little brother” bro-mance between Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse, that blossomed before our eyes. Seeing how the 200 metre semi-finals ended, with the two of them laughing as they crossed the finish line, I was inspired by that dynamic duo. (The fact that they went on to win gold and silver respectively, was awesome.)

De Grasse’s rather dorky grin just made me think of the 1960s Batman, with Adam West and Burt Ward and I just ran with it (pun intended). Bolt as Batman, De Grasse as Robin, The Boy Wonder.


It didn’t really catch on on Twitter or instagram, but for some reason, it took off on Facebook.


A day or so later, a friend told me she’d seen it on the Reddit front page. Although I wasn’t able to find it, I did find this.


Pretty cool.

Yesterday, another friend informed me that it was featured on The Chive, which is apparently a big thing. Some of the content on that site may be NSFW. And, the internet being what it is, they, and a few others, took the time to crop out my watermark/credit. Oh well. I guess that’s to be expected.


Anyway, it’s been a good, fun run. 😉

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