Star Trek Campaign featured on Ads of the World

The Star Trek: StarFleet Academy Experience closed its doors a couple of weeks ago, but our collaboration with Acart Communications continues to pop up. We were pretty stoked to see that Ads of the World featured the campaign on their site! Exciting! Check it out right here.  

Bolt-Man and De Boy Wonder

I initially wasn’t going to post about this, but it’s not every day something you do catches on and goes sorta viral, so I figured what the heck. Like any red-blooded Canadian, I spent a lot of the last while watching a lot of Olympics coverage and was proud of how our country competed in these games. I also got caught up in the “big brother/little brother” bro-mance between Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse, that blossomed before our eyes. Seeing how the 200 metre semi-finals ended, with the two of... Read The Rest →

Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience, Part Deux

Summer’s coming to an end, sadly, and with time winding down, I finally made it to Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience at the Aviation and Space Museum. It was pretty exciting to finally check it out and see my illustrations on such a large scale. It never gets old. It’s only open until September 5, so if you were putting off going to see it, don’t wait. It was great to get down there and meet Linda Brand, and some of the fine folks who work their magic behind... Read The Rest →

Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience

To say that it’s been tough to sit on this for the past few months would be an understatement. When Acart Communications approached me about the prospect of helping out with these illustrations for the then-top secret Star Trek exhibition at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, you can bet  I jumped at the chance. Growing up a pretty hardcore Original Series trekkie (yes, I know it’s trekkers now), it was as close to a dream job as I’d ever come. With the idea of the exhibition being ‘The Starfleet Academy... Read The Rest →

Going old school

Happy summer, everyone! We’re finally getting a good heatwave here in the Ottawa region and it’s awesome. Being in a band (Still Winter Hills) gives me the opportunity to pump out some fun gig posters (Does it still count as pro bono when it’s your own band?). Sometimes we’re fortunate enough to play with some great Canadian bands like Matt Mays or The Grapes of Wrath, or at a fantastic venue like the Dakota Tavern or The Blacksheep Inn, and that’s when it really gets fun. Usually, for the sake... Read The Rest →

Cancer sucks

It seems like all my posts are related to the Ottawa Senators these days (I do do other stuff that actually pays). Given that the Sens have made an historic run to squeak into the playoffs, I got inspired and rendered an illustration of their General Manager, Bryan Murray, who was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Mark Reeds, the Sens’ assistant coach, was also stricken with the disease around the same time. Yes, the Senators family has been hit hard this year. I thought – This Hamburglar stuff and other... Read The Rest →

Hamburglar Part Deux

Just to follow up on the whole Hamburglar phenomenon, I’ve been trying to keep tabs on where and when those images pop up. Both the Hamburglar logo and the Burger Toss illustration were trending locally and went viral around town. If you’re not following us on twitter, we’re @rocket57. We got numerous retweets from TSN, TSN1200, The Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Sun, CFRA, MAJIC100 and many others. It’s been a hoot. The biggest shock was probably during the game against the Boston Bruins, which I had to miss, due to... Read The Rest →


Hey folks, Welcome to the new and improved Rocket 57. We hope you like the new digs. Drop us a line if you like what you see or if something seems amiss. Here’s one of our latest projects: a gig poster for the bands The Dead Bees, Orienteers and Still Winter Hills at the famed Blacksheep Inn. The feedback on it has been fabulous and I’m  hoping it leads to more projects of this variety. It’s just so much fun! Thanks for stopping by! Marc Rocket 57

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